A Changing Omnichannel Agenda in Pharma

  • Collecting HCP permissions to allow for personal outreach, especially via email
  • Owning and building comprehensive First Party Data
  • Documenting the value of the (colossal?) investment in Marketing Tech Infrastructure — focus on Owned channels such as email, webinars, self detailers and websites
  • Driving Operational Excellence via modular content and deploying Content Factories near- & offshore
  • Instituting a practical approach to delivering “personalized” messages to doctors

It is deceptively obvious, but …

Content should be modular to allow the easy creation of custom content flows that will resonate with different audience needs, attitudes and barriers.



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Mads Krogh Petersen

Mads Krogh Petersen

Perspectives on Marketing in a Digital World. Co-founder of Vertic http://www.vertic.com